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  The Atlanta Rhythm Section-Time Machine
Newly released! 2 CDS / 32 TRACKS , 7 PREVIOUSLY RELEASED STUDIO TRACKS, 6 PREVIOUSLY RELEASED LIVE TRACKS. Authorized by the Atlanta Rhythm Section!
  Best of The Atlanta Rhythm Section-Millennium Edition
The ARS release in this series is 24 bit mastered so it has the best CD sound yet. All the songs appear on the first ARS hits collection. It is nicely packaged with a brief history and a couple of vintage photos.


Live at the Savoy, New York October 27,...
Recorded at a show at the Savoy in New York City.

The same band line-up that played on Partly Plugged returned, plugging back in and rocking with that sweet Southern sound that is ARS' alone. The state of the art of production work displays the ARS sound to great effect.

  Partly Plugged - The album is a showcase for the great talents of singer Ronnie Hammond and guitarist Barry Bailey. This is demonstrated both on the new songs and to fine effect on some classics, including Alien, So Into You, Angel and Do It or Die.


Red Tape - Released in 1976, the album features eight original songs. It features extended soloing. Almost every Southern band had a signature anthem, but the case can be made that this one features the most musically diverse arrangement and the tightest playing-and may be the best of them all.


  Champagne Jam - Released in 1978, this was the breakthrough album that marked the zenith of music-making, critical support and popular acclaim for ARS. Eight great songs-all originals-are showcased with the top notch, smooth pop production the group had been refining for years.

  Quinella - Released in 1981, this album starts out rocking harder than the last couple had and then transitions into the great pop, with an occasional country/western influence, that the group had been refining over the last couple albums. It's another classic.     Back Up Against the Wall - The 11 songs on this album present a mix of up-tempo tunes and ballads. It's a beautiful timepiece of a group of talented musicians playing quality songs and working together to establish their collective sound.

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