Ronnie Hammond - Vocals, Background Vocals
Barry Bailey - Guitar
Dean Daughtry - Keyboards
J.R. Cobb - Guitar, Background Vocals

Paul Goddard - Bass
Robert Nix - Percussion, Drums, Background Vocals
Another early classic that is among their best work, Red Tape is quite different from the previous album or anything that had come before. As the band had played more live shows, they had developed an ensemble sound, and there was an effort to capture that sound on record. The result was like an ARS gig from the mid-70's-with a strong emphasis on their appreciation for the blues. The band had previously been combining pop and rock stylings. For this album they went with predominantly shorter, pop length songs-with one notable exception. The performances feature a harder rock approach than they had recorded before, with a sharp edged guitar sound prominantly featured.

Released in 1976, the album features eight original songs. The album starts off with the rocking swing of Jukin' and only lets up once. Mixed Emotions and Shanghied use blues riffs to build a driving momentum through the first part of the album. The tempo varies but the intensity never lessens through the next few songs. The momentum continues to build through Oh What a Feeling and Free Spirit and reaches a crescendo with the one longer tune on the album-a standout remake of their own Another Man's Woman. This time it's electric and features extended soloing. Almost every Southern band had a signature anthem, but the case can be made that this one features the most musically diverse arrangement and the tightest playing-and may be the best of them all.

Song by Song
1. Jukin (also includes San Antonio Rose) (Buie/Nix) (Bob Wills)-3:43
        The album starts off with a country flavored electric romp that pays tribute to the music of Texas, where "it used to be the Texas Playboys, now ole ZZs Tops keeps on smokin'." It's a beautiful combination of stylized playing supporting a lyrical tribute.
2. Mixed Emotions (Buie/Cobb/Nix)-3:20
        This driving rocker features a bluesy guitar riff that supports and wraps around a vocal debating whether a relationship is love or not, with some of the band's trademark shifting rhythms and ensemble playing.
3. Shanghied (Buie/Cobb/Nix)-2:14
        Mixed tempos are used effectively again here as a driving intro serves as a recurring theme, alternating with a slower, lighter backing for the vocals.
4. Police! Police! (Buie/Cobb/Nix)-3:11
        A wailing siren is followed by wailing guitars that lead into and recur throughout a rocking review of a night of good times on the town that have resulted in "being in the wrong place at the wrong time."
5. Beautiful Dreamers (Buie/Cobb/Nix)-3:26
        The pace slows for the only time on the album with this lovely ballad that pays tribute to those who "care enough to dare to carry on." The lyrics offer a timely meditation on the fading idealism of the late 60s-early 70s youth culture.
6. Oh What A Feeling (Buie/Nix/Bailey)-2:39
        It's back to rocking with this rave up that features soaring vocals and guitars and a pounding beat that musically reflect the joys of a beautiful relationship.
7. Free Spirit (Buie/Nix/Hammond)-3:35
        In this classic, a solid beat again provides the foundation for a driving meditation on "a girl with a mind of her own…way ahead of her time." The lyrics use one woman to represent the free love of the 60s and is a classic timepiece looking at the passing of the era of free love.
8. Another Man's Woman (Buie/Nix/Daughtry/Bailey)-9:47
        One of ARS' signature songs and a rock and roll classic, this signature song starts off alternating between Ronnie Hammond's yearning vocals and guitar breaks of Barry Bailey and J.R. Cobb played over a driving rhythm. ARS' unique tempo shifts are used to great effect as the song moves first into extended guitar soloing and then into Paul Goddard's bass solo-showcasing a unique talent in top form. The song and album wind down with traditional slow blues after taking ARS to new musical heights that foreshadow the popular success to come.

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