Barry Bailey - Guitar
Dean Daughtry - Keyboards
Ronnie Hammond - Vocals
Steve Stone - Guitar
J.E. Garnett - Bass
Sean Burke - Drums
ARS' first album in 8 years was something different. While they had developed a consistent sound through the 70s and early 80s, this album seemed to draw more on the musical sounds and production styles of the late 80s. Big beats propel most every song and there's a sharper, synthesized sound that doesn't showcase ARS' music to its best effect. All the songs except one were written by Buddy Buie and Ronnie Hammond, another change from previous approaches. And a new guitarist, bass player and drummer also made their first appearance with ARS on this album.

While there are few who would claim this as among ARS' best work, the band was back in business and the album has it's share of musical moments. It's opens with a couple of powerful uptempo songs, Awesome Love and Listen to the Wind. Other standouts include I Want You Here With Me, Neon Street, and the powerful How Much Love is Enough.

Song by Song
1. Awesome Love (Buie/Hammond/Fristoe)-3:59
        The album opens with a driving sound and beat supporting vocals that praise the virtues of the title. Ronnie Hammond's vocals and the musical power behind them make this song ring true.
2. Listen To The Wind (Buie/Hammond)-3:48
        The driving approach continues with a darker tone in this song about the fleeting nature of things in a big, dangerous world. Some engaging lyrics are delivered in convincing style and supported by fine guitar work by Barry Bailey.
3. I Want You Here With Me (Buie/Hammond)-5:17
        A brief, blistering guitar intro leads into a more moderately paced tune mourning love lost and pleading for its return. The soaring vocals, guitar solo and musical backing hark back to previous ARS songs, but with a contemporary approach.
4. Every Little Bit Hurts (Buie/Hammond)-3:56
        The pace picks up again with a driving tune featuring some powerful vocals that musically emphasize the song's title and lyrics.
5. What Happened To Us (Buie/Hammond)-4:30
        A slower paced song bemoans the loss of love and questions why, with a nice guitar solo used to good effect.
6. Neon Street (Buie/Hammond)-4:35
        This uptempo song features some powerful singing, effective soloing and shifts in tempo and tone that ARS had done so effectively in the past. The song builds to a soaring conclusion before fading off down the road.
7. One Way Town (O'Brien/Edmonds)-4:32
        Another uptempo number bemoans the values and lifestyle of the times with a couple of soaring guitar breaks.
8. I'm Not The Only One (Buie/Hammond)-4:53
        The pace slows, effectively evoking a mood in this song about loneliness and isolation. Hammond's vocals convey a frustration "that's like standing in a long line waiting for a ticket for somewhere I don't want to go."
9. I'm Going Back (Buie/Hammond)-3:53
        A faster, uptempo approach helps bring energy to this song about escaping the craziness of modern life for the simpler ways of home.
10. How Much Love Is Enough (Buie/Hammond)-3:44
        A driving tempo frames a standout song featuring the contrasting emotions of joy in love with the prayerful fear that it won't last. The music and words work together to powerful effect.
11. Don't Get Me Started (Buie/Hammond)-4:47
        The album closes with a moderately paced song about love found and lost-"said I wouldn't miss her, I stand corrected." The words and music evoke the notion of loss and the desire to get past it and move on as the album winds up.

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