Ronnie Hammond - Vocals, Background Vocals
Barry Bailey - Guitar
Dean Daughtry - Keyboards
J.R. Cobb - Guitar, Background Vocals
Paul Goddard - Bass
Roy Yeager - Drums
While this album wasn't released until 2000, it dates from almost 20 years earlier during the tour following the release of Quinella. It was recorded at a show at the Savoy in New York City, so the Southern band was playing to an urban Yankee audience. From that perspective, the warm support of the crowd is testimony to the group's broad appeal. While the sound isn't top quality, the energy of the band's performance and the collection of classic songs makes this a nice timepiece.

The album provides a live coda to the era of ARS' greatest popular success, featuring a line-up of classic songs including a number of their hits and three songs from Quinella. From the rocking start of Champagne Jam through the new songs Homesick, Alien and Higher, and on to the classics Imaginary Lover and So Into You, this could be considered an ARS hits collection from 1981. It's a nice sampling, but only an introduction to a lot of great music to be found on their many albums.

Song by Song
1. Champagne Jam (Buie/Nix/Cobb)-5:17
        The show gets off to a rousing start with this classic that's given a more uptempo, rocking feel which provides a showcase for each of the band's members. Ronnie Hammond's vocals kick things off and the excellent guitar work of Barry Bailey and the classic bass solo of Paul Goddard are captured to fine effect.
2. I'm Not Gonna Let it Bother Me Tonight (Buie/Daughtry/Nix)-5:55
        The midtempo ensemble playing that was always a strength of the band is on display on this song. Hammond vocally leads them through their paces with the band swinging along behind and then breaking out with a rousing musical finish.
3. Homesick (Buie/Cobb)-4:54
        The opening song from Quinella carries the same power live as on the album. A guitar and drum intro leads into a number than rocks as hard as anything ARS had done. Hammond's impassioned vocals, some buzzsaw guitar work and the drive of the rhythm section show a band that's in a groove.
4. Alien (Buie/Lewis/McRay)-5:51
        The pace slows for this mid-tempo number that demonstrates ARS classic ability to blend vocals and instruments together in harmony. The energy builds throughout to a driving musical finish featuring a great guitar workout by Bailey.
5. Large Time (Buie/Bailey/Nix)-3:06
        The band picks up the pace again with this flat out rocker paying tribute to the Lynyrd Skynyd band. The performance is hard hitting and intense-a fitting tribute to Skynyrd and a fine display of how, when they wanted to, ARS' could rock with the best of them
6. Spooky (Shapiro/Middlebrooks/Buie/Cobb)-5:13
        This live version of the Classics IV/ARS hit is presented with a little more power than the version on Underdog. The guitars have a slightly different sound that makes the song a little brighter with a bit more bite. Brief solos feature the work of keyboardist Dean Daughtry and guitarists Bailey and J.R. Cobb to fine effect.
7. Higher (Buie/Hammond)-5:09
        The band goes back to rocking hard on this number from Quinella. The rhythm section of bassist Goddard and drummer Roy Yeager push things along at breakneck speed with Hammond's vocals and Bailey's guitar work racing to keep pace. It's a rock and roll tour de force that winds up with a blistering guitar solo.
8. Imaginary Lover (Buie/Daughtry/Nix)-3:39
        The pace slows but the powerful presentation continues as the band showcases their biggest hit to fine effect. The ensemble playing behind Hammond's great vocals showcase many of the band's longstanding skills and strengths. In this presentation, a shorter version of this song leads directly into a similar hit.
9. So Into You (Buie/Daughtry/Nix)-6:03
        The band flows right into this number, accentuating the musical similarities of these two hits. But this one gets the musical workout here, with some extended guitar soloing featuring the beautiful work of Bailey.
10. Long Tall Sally (Johnson/Penniman/Blackwell)-3:08
        The album closes with this Little Richard classic that had become a standard ARS set closer. It's a good old time with Bailey and Daughtry taking turns soloing, and provides a fitting rave up to close things out.

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