Justin Senker - Bass
Barry Bailey - Lead Guitar
R. J. Vealey - Drums and Percussion
Ronnie Hammond - Vocals, Background Vocals
Dean Daughtry - Keyboards
Steve Stone - Rhythm Guitars and Slide Guitar

Steve Nathan - Hammond B-3
Robert White Johnson - Background Vocals
This time ARS only took two years to get a new album out-and they came up with another winner featuring a number of songs that stand with the best of their catalog. The same band line-up that played on Partly Plugged returned, plugging back in and rocking with that sweet Southern sound that is ARS' alone. The state of the art of production work displays the ARS sound to great effect. Lead singer Ronnie Hammond is in classic form and the guitar work of Barry Bailey sounds as good as ever. But as always, it's the quality of the songs and the ensemble performance that make this a standout.

The 11 songs on Eufala include 3 new versions of songs from previous ARS albums-one from Third Annual Pipe Dream and two from Truth in a Structured Form. The first, Who You Gonna Run To, helps to kick start the album. Classic ARS performances are featured on Dreamy Alabama, When, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet and Fine Day. The album closes with the excellent instrumental What's Up Wid Dat?

Song by Song
1. I'm Not The Only One (Buie/Hammond)-5:13
        The album opens with a new version of this song from the 1989 album Truth… A slightly faster pace and more powerful presentation make this a much better version, featuring Hammond's vocals and Bailey's guitar work.
2. Who You Gonna Run To (Buie/Cobb/Nix)-3:26
        Another song gets a new rendering, but this time it's an early classic from 1974's Third Annual… With state of the art production work and a driving, uptempo approach, the song is brought to life again-what once was old is new again.
3. Dreamy Alabama (Buie/Cobb/Hammond)-4:35
        The first new song on the album is a classic. A slower tune in a style ARS had used to classic effect on multiple songs previously, the lyrics reflect on a pastural Southern setting and related memories, brought alive by a great Hammond vocal, lovely musical support and pristine production.
4. Nothing's As Bad As It Seems (Buie/Hammond/Cobb)-3:22
        This mid-paced song extends some themes from the song before it in a musical presentation nicely compliments the lyrics. "Ups and downs, highs and lows…what it all means a higher power knows…"
5. When (Buie/Daughtry)-4:39
        Another beautiful, slower paced song that features great guitar solos by Bailey and yearning vocals by Hammond asking an eternal question-"I know love is the answer, the question is..." More great ARS.
6. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet (Buie/Cobb/McKibben)-4:21
        Featuring an arresting keyboard intro, this song of hope rolls at an easy pace behind Hammond's lyrical musings and Bailey's guitar explorations. A unique tune and another classic.
7. Fine Day (The Day You Came Back To Me) (Buie/Cobb/Hammond)-4:46
        The great new songs keep coming on this song of celebration over love returned that showcases again the band's great ensemble performance of a fine song.
8. What Happened To Us (Buie/Hammond)-3:49
        Another song from Truth… that is given new life here. The pace seems to pick up a little with this version, and the lyrical questions of love and loss are more engaging here with a lighter touch.
9. Unique (Buie/Hammond/Cobb)-3:29
        The tempo picks up again with this reaffirming song reflecting on one's place in the modern world with solid musical backing. "I'm barely afloat with a hole in my boat up a creek but I ain't that…"
10. How Can You Do This? (Buie/Cobb/Hammond)-4:11
        Another slow, beautiful ARS song that in words and music captures the heartbreak of a relationship coming to an end.
11. What's Up Wid Dat? (Stone/Hammond/Buie/Daughtry)-3:07
        The album closes with an instrumental-the first recorded by ARS since their Dog Days album of 1975. It leaves one wishing they had done this more often, as the virtuoso playing and energy of the performance show to great effect a band that has been playing for over 25 years and hasn't lost a thing.

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