Ronnie Hammond - Vocals, Background Vocals
Barry Bailey - Guitar
Dean Daughtry - Keyboards
Steve Stone - Guitar
Justin Senker - Bass
Sean Burke - Drums
In the mid-90s ARS got back together and re-recorded some of their best and best known songs. The live-in-studio sound presents a different, less polished take on some classic tunes and captures the sound of their live performances from that period. Three original band members returned-singer Ronnie Hammond, guitarist Barry Bailey and keyboard player Dean Daughtry. They were joined by Steve Stone on guitar, Justin Senker on bass and Sean Burke on drums.

A number of the same songs that were showcased live on Are You Ready! and Live at the Savoy, including Champagne Jam and Doraville, appear here as well. Beyond that, this album presents the only alternate versions of four songs-the early classic Dog Days, Jukin and Free Spirit from the Red Tape album, and the later hit Do It or Die. Over time this recording was released under multiple titles by multiple labels, and has been devalued because of that. But it is another testimony to the quality songs and performance talents that ARS has embodied.

Song by Song
1. So Into You (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-6:42
        The album starts off with a more powerful version of this classic pop tune. The performances are pretty true to the original, with the trademark layering of vocals, guitars and keyboards over a solid rhythm foundation. The song closes with some fine guitar soloing.
2. Champagne Jam (Buie/Cobb/Nix)-4:43
        The pace and tone pick up a bit on this classic party tune. Hammond's impassioned vocals give the song new life, and a tight performance by the band shows off their skills-first as a cohesive group and then with their individual soloing leading into the closing wind up.
3. Jukin (Buie/Nix)-3:32
        This country flavored electric romp is resurrected to fine effect. The band plays tightly as a unit, and Daughtry's keyboard fills are featured to fine effect along with some concise guitar soloing.
4. Imaginary Lover (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-5:05
        The group's biggest hit gets a powerful revisiting, starting with Hammond's vocal musings. The rhythm section lays down a solid foundation for the vocals, and keyboard and guitar fills. This version has more bite than the subdued original, featured to fine effect in the breakout guitar soloing at the end.
5. Spooky (Buie/Cobb/Shapiro/Middlebrooks)-4:55
        From the Classics IV through the ARS of Underdog to this version, this song always sounds good. This version has a more driving sound than the original and features some great guitar soloing by Bailey and beautiful piano break by Daughtry.
6. Doraville (Buie/Nix/Bailey)-3:35
        ARS' first hit gets a rollicking, uptempo treatment with Hammond delivering a powerful vocal and guitars that alternately buzz, bite and wail. The pop feel of the original was timeless, but this is a worthy update for the 90s.
7. Georgia Rhythm (Buie/Nix/Cobb)-5:19
        The moderately paced, softer approach of this classic is generally recaptured here, though it does have a little bit more of an electric current than the original, especially in the guitar solos. ARS show they can still "lay down a backbeat and crank up their trusty Gibson" with the best of them.
8. Free Spirit (Buie/Nix/Hammond)-3:58
        This remake rocks. The solid beat from the original is pushed a little harder and keyboards and guitars come together to provide a powerful backing to Hammond's meditations on "a girl…way ahead of her time."
9. I'm Not Gonna' Let It Bother Me Tonight (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-4:31
        There's bit of a charge applied to the easy flowing nature of this classic. Ironically, this approach of pushing the tempo and sound would have fit right in to the Southern scene when the song was first released-and it still sounds just fine.
10. Do It Or Die (Buie/Cobb/Hammond)-3:18
        A softer approach is applied to the melancholy sound of this hit. Hammond gives another fine vocal performance, with the instrumentalists again providing a beautiful background.
11. Dog Days (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-3:35
        This classic gets a much deserved revisiting. Opening with Daughtry's keyboards and leading into Hammond's impassioned vocals, this lyrical snapshot of a Southern summer scene is still a timeless classic. As with the original, the song suddenly and dramatically changes tempo, featuring Bailey's white hot guitar work.
12. Homesick (Buie/Cobb)-5:00
        The album closes on a high note as the tempo kicks back up for this driving meditation on days gone by. The powerful vocal and ensemble playing is perfectly accentuated by Bailey's guitar interplay.

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