Justin Senker - Bass
Barry Bailey - Lead Guitar
R. J. Vealey - Drums and Percussion
Ronnie Hammond - Vocals, Background Vocals
Dean Daughtry - Keyboards
Steve Stone - Rhythm Guitars and Slide Guitar
Another eight years had passed since ARS had put out a studio album with new material. This time, to commemorate their 25th anniversary, three original members teamed with one holdover and two new players to put out an album combining the old and the new. Four new songs showed that ARS still had both their songwriting and playing skills in peak form. To capitalize on the popularity of the "unplugged" performance style of the time, ARS also revisited six of their classic songs. These versions demonstrate how ARS' music could be presented with different arrangements but still be as interesting and beautiful as the originals.

The album kicks off with the powerful Voodoo and She Knows All My Tricks, which stand with the best of ARS' music. Child of the Video Age offers an interesting take on no longer being the young rebel, but the parent of one. The album is a showcase for the great talents of singer Ronnie Hammond and guitarist Barry Bailey. This is demonstrated both on the new songs and to fine effect on some classics, including Alien, So Into You, Angel and Do It or Die.

Song by Song
1. Voodoo (Buie/Hammond)-3:57
        The album kicks off with the trademark ARS sound-a mid-tempo song with tight ensemble playing and the powerful vocals of Hammond and fluid guitar playing of Bailey.
2. She Knows All My Tricks (Buie/Hammond/Cobb)-4:03
        This uptempo number is another winner with Hammond's singing, the blistering guitar work of Bailey and the keyboard fills of Dean Daughtry combining to both an enjoyable and winning effect.
3. I Don't Want to Grow Old Alone (Buie/Hammond)-2:52
        A ballad in the vocal and guitar style ARS had used to classic effect on previous songs. It's a solid effort updating the ARS sound in both words and music.
4. Child of the Video Age (Buie/Hammond)-3:40
        A moderate pace is used to frame this lyrically engaging look at a younger generation and its influences-"he don't know nothing about Woodstock, but he wishes he'd a been there...mirror image of the latest craze, don't know nothing about the good old days."
5. Alien (Buie/McRay/Lewis)-5:16
        The unplugged part of the album starts with this classic. While it is largely similar to the original version, the softer presentation and acoustic guitar soloing give it new life.
6. So Into You (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-6:10
        An acoustic presentation of this song is a logical extension, and provides another great platform for Hammond's vocals and an extended guitar workout by Bailey.
7. Imaginary Lover (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-5:34
        Another natural for acoustic interpretation, the performance here features a fine Hammond vocal with a different approach from the original, with Bailey's fine guitar work filling in and wrapping around the lyrics.
8. I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight (Buie/Daughtry/Nix)-4:25
        This uptempo number has a decidedly different sound here-not as loud and celebratory as the original, but in classic unplugged acoustic style.
9. Angel (Buie/Nix/Bailey)-5:41
        This classic from early in ARS' career gets a deserved revisiting to great effect. Presented acoustically, the song has new life and Bailey's extended soloing is excellent-every bit as captivating here as it was on the original.
10. Do It or Die (Buie/Hammond/Cobb)-3:40
        The album closes with a song that was originally recorded in a softer, slower style, and almost seems brightened and enlivened by the acoustic approach. Featuring lovely guitar and keyboard interludes, it's a fitting end to a great comeback album.

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