1983-1995 "Down Time" and a New Record

After Quinella, ARS went back into the studio to record another album for CBS. Some songs that were recorded for that album included the titles Long Distance Love, Sleep with One Eye Open, Longing for a Feeling and Stone Cold Hit. A couple of these are said by insiders to be some of the best work ARS had done. But CBS wanted to change out some songs, and creative differences led to the entire album being shelved and never released.

Hammond and Goddard Pursue Other Opportunities

The band again attempted to go into the studio in the mid-80s. Lead singer Ronnie Hammond had left the group to try some solo work, so original singer Rodney Justo returned. Also drummer Roy Yeager had moved on, so was replaced on a short term basis by Danny Biget. The group went to Nashville and tried working with a country oriented producer, but results were slow to come. Dissatisfied with the direction of the band, bassist Paul Goddard and Biget left to pursue other opportunities. These sessions also did not result in an album. Band members pursued other projects or slowed down after the hectic pace of the previous 10-15 years, and there would not be another studio album until the end of the 80s.

Hammond, Bailey and Daughtry Re-Energize the Band

In 1989, original members singer Ronnie Hammond, guitarist Barry Bailey and keyboardist Dean Daughtry got back together, along with three new musicians, and returned to the studio to produce a new album that very much had a sound of the times. "TRUTH IN A STRUCTURED FORM", ARS' first album in 8 years was something different. While they had developed a consistent sound through the 70s and early 80s, this album seemed to draw more on the musical sounds and production styles of the late 80s. Big beats propel most every song and there's a sharper, synthesized sound that doesn't showcase ARS' music to its best effect. All the songs except one were written by Buddy Buie and Ronnie Hammond, another change from previous approaches. And a new guitarist, bass player and drummer also made their first appearance with ARS on this album.

The band did some performances as a follow up to Truth, but album sales lagged, there was no real momentum and there was another hiatus in their recorded work. Several years passed before the group went back into the studio, this time to re-record some of their classic songs-not once, but twice. The first collection was recorded in North Carolina.


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ARS Historical Timeline

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