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They’ve been part of the Southern Rock scene for over 50 years. Their biggest hits include So Into You, Champagne Jam, Imaginary Lover, Homesick, and Spooky. But there’s so much more...
With 15 albums of outstanding songwriting and performances, The Atlanta Rhythm Section represents the good things the phrase “classic rock” implies.
So read, watch, listen, enjoy - have yourself a “Large Time!”

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Time Machine



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Booking Information:
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Take Us to Texas More in 2024!

We’re super excited to begin the New Year seeing some of our good old friends and the sunrise in Texas again. We also look forward to making some good new friends at a couple Texas venues that are for us unexplored territory.

The 04 Center is a relatively new Austin music venue although it is housed in an historic church that has been a part of the community since 1968. Faith United Methodist Church became the home of Austin New Church in 2018 and is now known as The “O” 4 Center, named for the S. Austin zip code, 78704. No doubt, this is a music town. It’s always an honor to be invited to perform in Austin. Looks like not many classic rock band play the 04 so we really hope a Texas sized crowd shows up to join us and our good pals from Arkansas, deFrance. They ROCK!

A couple of us might stowaway on deFrance’s bus and we all may stop in Waco to see Papa Jack for some great BBQ heading up the road to perform at Arlington Music Hall . We love playing here and are thrilled to have been invited back. Opening in 1950 as a movie theatre, this fabulous venue has been an important part of the Dallas area entertainment scene for decades. With support from the local community Arlington Music Hall has been impeccably maintained and vastly improved in recent years. Can you say ‘super comfy seats’?!

Main Street Crossing sounds like an incredible place. Created by local residents, Rick and Terri Davis, in Tomball, TX, this ultra-intimate venue was established with a greater purpose. For most of the week, this beautiful room is a fine place to see a show. There are literally no bad seats. Amazingly, every single one of them is within 50 feet of the stage. On Sundays, however, the true vision of Main Street Crossing is revealed. Built to support small churches and give them the kind of place to serve and worship that normally only well-established, well-funded churches have, the Davis’s are providing assistance and opportunities on so many levels to many people.

Happy New Year everyone! Click here to see our upcoming shows in 2024.


Homeward Bound in 2024!

Georgia has always been “home” to ARS and it’s fantastic that we begin 2024 playing a few shows down home.

Those who know Georgia know that Savannah is one of the coolest cities in the Peach State. It could even be one of the coolest places in America. And we get to play one of the coolest venues in town, Victory North , again! With an industrial-chic vibe this vast yet inviting place is not only a great live venue but also an incredible place to host a private event. This multi leveled venue can accommodate anything from an intimate affair to a grand gala.

Those that know Georgia music know that no other city in Georgia could be more important to that music than Macon. Ronnie Hammond, Little Richard and Jason Aldean: Yup, they’re all from Macon. Otis Redding grew up in Macon. Georgia native and the “Godfather of Soul”, James Brown made his first recording there. Has anyone NOT heard of Capricorn Records? Oh yeah, there’s the Allman Brothers. We don’t get down to Macon like we use to but a visit and the feelings it brings back are never lost on us. Put on your dancing shoes and join us and Mt. Pilot at Macon’s Capitol Theatre. Built in 1913, this historic theatre closed in 1976 and was horribly neglected for nearly 30 years. A massive renovation began in 2003 and now, The Capitol Theatre is once again a vibrant part of this vibrant Georgia city.

Those that know Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers know what a special place it is to see a show. We could tell you how much fun we had and how impressed we were when we played in Colorado Springs at the original Boot Barn Hall. We could tell you just how fantastic the brand new facility they built just north of Atlanta in Gainesville, GA is. We could tell you how delicious the food from the Smokehouse is going to be and how excited we are to be playing at Boot Barn Hall again, but we won’t. Because this show sold out FAST! Hopefully you acted quickly and got tickets, otherwise, see you next time. Go check this place out! Plenty of great shows are scheduled at the Hall and don’t forget the awesome food at Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern.

For All of Atlanta Rhythm Section’s Upcoming Shows Click HERE...


And, A Little Something for Some Yankees to Start 2024!

Okay, we won’t let our southern brethren get all of the southern boogie to start the New Year. We’ll be headed up to New York, Pennsylvania and even deeper into Yankee territory later this winter. Dang It! We told that booking agent FLORIDA in the winter and New England in the SUMMER!

We’ve had some great shows on Long Island over the past few years notably an amazing concert with Lynyrd Skynyrd and a cool cat named Peter Wolf at Jones Beach. This New Year, come see us in Bay Shore at Boulton Center for the Performing Arts . Built in 1903, as Regent Theatre, this will surely be in the running for the oldest venue we play in 2024. Next, we head east to Pennsylvania, Shippensburg and Shippensburg University to be specific. The Luhrs Center at S.U. is a world class facility normally reserved for cities much bigger than lil’ old Shippensburg, pop. 5,498.

Leap Day chowder run anyone? We celebrate 2024’s extra day of boogie in Plymouth, Massachusetts at the Spire Center. The Spire is home to the Greater Plymouth Performing Art Center, Inc. The 225 seat performance hall was actually the sanctuary of a former Methodist church built in 1886, hence the “Spire”. The building also houses class rooms, rehearsal studios and a state of the art recording studio. Wait a minute. 1886!? Well, that didn’t last long. Sorry, Boulton Center.

Next, we ride up the coast to New Hampshire and Rochester Opera House , the only theatre that features a moving floor on the audience’s side!! Opening in 1909 it was surely a marvel back in the day. Heck, that’s even cool in 2024! Then slowly we head back south with a stop north of Boston at the historic Lynn Memorial Auditorium. It’s an honor to be included among the amazing acts that have performed there. Last but certainly not least, we revisit The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Art Center in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The Kate is a fantastic place and a suitable legacy to the iconic actress and Connecticut native.

Click HERE..For All of Atlanta Rhythm Section’s Upcoming Shows.


Remembering a Legend and Our Friend: Dean Daughtry

(September 8, 1946 - January 26, 2023)

We miss you, Ol’ Buddy !


"The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History" - Is Now Available!

Seasoned, southern author, Willie G. Moseley, has written an in-depth book about The Atlanta Rhythm Section. Years of research and extensive interviews are infused into the first and only authorized history of the band. A native and current resident of Alabama, Mr. Moseley effortlessly weaves the story of a band whose roots are so close to his own.

Atlanta Rhythm Section’s background is a history lesson of the music scene in the South during the 60’s. Mr. Moseley details how Buddy Buie assembled a core group of incredibly talented southern musicians and developed the creative environment that enabled the ensemble to flourish and truly craft some amazing work. Buddy made real his dream of forming a super group to use as a vehicle for his songwriting skills, musical vision and business acumen. Mr. Buie’s efforts played out like an expertly conducted symphony and crescendo when Atlanta Rhythm Section’s mainstream success peaked in the late 70’s.

What goes up..., well, you can read the rest of that story too. Mr. Moseley’s book delves into the struggles that follow the band’s Top 40 success. He trails the band’s twists and turns throughout the new millennium up to the present day. Published by Schiffer Publishing and available through many online retailers, “The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History” is Mr. Moseley’s thirteenth book. A senior writer of Vintage Guitar Magazine, he is News Editor emeritus for The Tallassee Tribune.

LOOK for  "The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History"  at your favorite retailer.


A.R.S. Releases 2-Disc CD: "One From the Vaults"

Often described as a more radio-friendly version of Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Allman Brothers, the Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of many Southern Rock bands to hit the upper reaches of the charts during the late `70s. Hailing from the small town of Doraville, Georgia, the beginning of the Atlanta Rhythm Section can be traced back to 1970. It was then that a local recording studio was opened, Studio One, and the remnants of two groups (the Candymen and the Classics Four), became the studio's house band. One of the facility's head figures, Buddy Buie, soon began assembling the session band. After playing on several artists' recordings, it was decided to take the band a step further and make the group of players a real band, leading to the formation of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. This collection contains 10 tracks previously unavailable on compact disc.

Liner Note Author: Bill Dahl.

Recording information: Atlanta, GA (1977); Chandler, NC (1977); Cleveland, OH (1977); London, England (1977); NYC, NY (1977); Pittsburgh, PA (1977); Tokyo, Japan (1977); Atlanta, GA (1978); Chandler, NC (1978); Cleveland, OH (1978); London, England (1978); NYC, NY (1978); Pittsburgh, PA (1978); Tokyo, Japan (1978); Atlanta, GA (1981); Chandler, NC (1981); Cleveland, OH (1981); London, England (1981); NYC, NY (1981); Pittsburgh, PA (1981); Tokyo, Japan (1981).

Personnel: Rodney Justo, Andy Anderson , Ronnie Hammond (vocals); Dave Anderson (guitars, background vocals); Steve Stone (guitars); J.R. Cobb, Barry Bailey (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Dean Daughtry (piano, organ); Robert Nix (drums, percussion); Roy Yeager, R.J. Vealey, Jim Keeling (drums) Paul 'TheMan' Goddard (bass).

Audio Mixer: Rodney Mills.

ARS Releases Time Machine


Disc One, features album Deep Cuts and previously Unreleased Studio Recordings. Disc Two features live performances of their Greatest Hits over the decades. 1. Georgia Pines (The Candymen) 2. Lonely Eyes (The Candymen) 3. Stormy (Noah’s Ark) 4. Love Me Just A Little (Sometime) 5. Will I Live On? 6. Alien (Acoustic) 7. Stone Cold Hit (Previously Unreleased) 8. High Time (Previously Unreleased) 9. Longing For A Feeling (Previously Unreleased) 10. Sleep With One Eye Opened (Justo Vocal) 11. What’s Up Wid Dat? (Previously Unreleased) 12. You Ain’t Seen Nothing 13. I Don’ Want To Grow Old Alone (Hammond Vocal) 14. Voodoo (Acoustic) 15. Long Distance Love (Previously Unreleased) 16. Conversation (Hammond & Justo Vocal) 17. When (Previously Unreleased) 18. Two Note Boogie (Previously Unreleased) 19. Back Up Against The Wall (Atlanta '78) 20. Sky High (Pittsburgh '77) 21. Homesick (NYC ’81) 22. Champagne Jam (Tokyo ’78) 23. Jukin’ (Munich ’83) 24. Large Time (Munich ’83) 25. Angel (Pittsburgh ’77) 26. I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight (Tokyo ’78) 27. Jam (Atlanta ‘ 78) 28. Spooky (Tokyo ’78) 29. Boogie Smoogie (Cleveland ’78) 30. Mixed Emotions (Atlanta ’96) 31. Imaginary Lover (NYC ’96) 32. So In To You (London ’78)



  Booking Information:
Artist Events
Bruce Houghton, President
866.531.2172 ext. 108

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